Content Submission

Submission Guidelines


  1. Focus on the story: When submitting an event to get featured on our website, it’s important to focus on the story behind the wedding. Highlight the couple’s journey to the wedding day, their personalities, and what made their wedding unique.
  2. Provide a vendor list: Include a list of vendors who contributed to the event, including the wedding planner, photographer, florist, caterer, and any other vendors involved. You can use the SHEET to list down the vendors and suppliers.
  3. Keep it personal: Highlight any special details of the event that made it memorable, such as handmade decorations, unique favors, or personal touches that reflected the couple’s personalities.
  4. Be detailed but concise: While it’s important to provide details about the event, be mindful of the length of the post. Aim to keep the post around 300-500 words to ensure it’s easily digestible for readers.
  5. Proofread and fact-check: Before submitting the post, ensure that it’s free of errors and typos. Also, fact-check any information provided, such as vendor names and details, to ensure accuracy.
  6. Please let us know if your submission has been published before, as we prefer to feature content that has not yet been published. Our goal is to provide our readers with unique and inspiring content. However, this requirement does not apply to blogs or websites of suppliers. 
  7. Please note that we cannot guarantee that all submitted materials will be featured, which does not diminish the beauty or value of your wedding. Our selection process considers several factors, such as wedding style, photography style, and unique details. We also welcome other wedding-related inspirations, including honeymoon photos, bridal designer collections, and wedding style ideas.
  8. If you are a wedding vendor submitting any material, please ensure that you have obtained your client’s consent before sending it to us. Once you have submitted your material, you will receive a confirmation message. If we choose your material for a feature, we will notify you via email.
  9. We eagerly anticipate receiving more of your inspiring material and hope to showcase more stunning content in the future.

Important Reminders


  • We opted to downloading the photos on Facebook since high-resolution photos make the site laggy. Photos from recent posts are from Facebook. You may provide us with an album link.
  • Download and fill up the supplier list template.  Please include link of the supplier’s FB/IG/website link.
  • If you are a wedding vendor submitting any material, please ensure that you have obtained your client’s consent before sending it to us.