Ton and Jean taveled all the way from Tandag City, Surigao del Sur to Bukidnon, hoping for sunny skies to frame their memories of their 10th anniversary photoshoot.

Yet fate had other plans, turning their photoshoot into a dance-in-the-rain.

Undeterred, they twirled with joy, drenched in the magic of the moment.

The photos immortalized not just their physical presence but the essence of their indomitable souls.

Amidst the downpour, they discovered a profound truth—that happiness thrives in embracing life’s unpredictable rhythms. 

As we gazed at the final images, we can realize that sometimes, the most extraordinary moments are born from unexpected circumstances.

They surely left Bukidnon with hearts full of gratitude for the rain that gifted them with a surreal experience, forever cherishing the beauty of dancing in the rain. Scroll through the amazing photos from Shoot Me Channie by Channie San Mateo Jr.

Photographer: Shoot Me Channie by Channie San Mateo Jr. | Videographer:  Back Benchers Studio | HMUA:  Em Yat Malhin | Location: Dahilayan Alpine Village

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